Synergy | sinərjē |

The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects: the synergy between payer and provider.


Since 1965, the members of the Insurance Rehabilitation Synergy Group (formerly known as the Insurance Rehabilitation Study Group) have collaborated with other insurance, medical, and rehabilitation professionals to identify and enhance our understanding  of cutting edge treatments, life changing technology, and medical improvements for severely injured or disabled individuals.  This type of collaboration and cooperation has been the cornerstone of the unique relationships created by and through the IRSG. By bringing the payor and provider sources together, we have been able to bring about a broader perspective on how to promote and drive excellent outcomes. Although our mission and vision have remained the same, in 2018 our name changed to the Insurance Rehabilitation Synergy Group to better represent what we do and why we do it. Through this synergy of bringing together insurance professionals and physicians along with representatives of rehabilitation facilities, trade associations, and academic organizations, the lives of individuals who are severely injured or disabled have been transformed. Our purpose has been and will always be to advocate for rehabilitation excellence! 

The members of IRSG value opportunities to stay apprised of emerging issues and trends in rehabilitation that focus on quality care and optimal outcomes.  As a national organization with member representation from some of the largest insurers and third party administrators, IRSG focuses not only on providing exceptional educational conferences but also an opportunity to network with top level insurance and rehabilitation professionals.


IRSG provides an educational forum for the insurance industry to explore and develop concepts and programs of effective medical and rehabilitation services that pertain to all lines of insurance.


IRSG serves as an innovative leader by promoting and advocating quality care and service delivery; through education and shared knowledge between members, the insurance industry and the healthcare community.  

I have to thank my prior manager for introducing me to IRSG. Prior to his involvement as a board member, I was not familiar with this valuable organization. Had I known about the focus on catastrophic case management, I would have been a member years earlier. The information shared at the annual conference is not only relevant to the management of workers’ compensation claims, it reminds me of the important roles we have in the industry and the ability to shape lives and facilitate productive lifestyles. The speakers at the conferences as well as the attendees all become valuable networking resources. I will continue to promote IRSG to my peers.
— Randi Kretchman, AIG, Regional Head, Medical Management Services, Claims Operations, Global Claims & Operations